The Arctic is melting. In summer, cruise ships sail through the once ice-clogged Northwest Passage, lakes form on the Greenland ice sheet, and polar bears swim again and again in search of shrinking sea ice. On the other side of the world, Antarctica`s floating ice shelves are shrinking. Mountain glaciers are retreating around the world, triggering flash floods and avalanches. We`re on thin ice – and with the potential for permafrost to melt even more greenhouse gases, these changes may be just the beginning. Vanishing Ice is a powerful representation of the dramatic transformation of the cryosphere – the world of ice and snow – and its consequences for the human world. Vivien Gornitz examines the major components of the cryosphere, including ice sheets, valley glaciers, permafrost and floating ice, and provides an updated explanation of the main current trends in ice mass decline. Starting from a long-term perspective gained by studying changes in the cryosphere and the corresponding fluctuations in sea level over millions of years, it shows the link between ice thaw and sea level rise to indicate the social and economic challenges that lie ahead. Gornitz points to the profound effects of ice loss, which will affect countless people far from frozen regions, to explain why major melting is important for all of us. Written for all readers and students interested in the science of our changing climate, Vanishing Ice is an accessible and clear warning of the coming thaw. Jimmy gets into trouble with gangsters and calls Michael for help.

Stretch is released from prison, Lamar and Franklin release him. After arriving at Solomon`s office, Michael is surprised to find Devin Weston and his assistant Molly Schultz. Devin goes on to explain that as one of the two shareholders (the other being Solomon Richards` «idiot son») of Richards Majestic Productions, he plans to end their latest film to get a massive insurance payment. With this money, he will pay Solomon`s son to agree to demolish the movie property so Devin can build tax-free condominiums. By clicking on each GTA 5 mission, you will access all the details with the Chef de Mission, rewards, gold medal objectives, video presentation and more information. If you want to play the three endings of Grand Theft Auto V in one game and discover what each ending has to offer, you can do it in-game. You need to be fast because the target uses the pulley to lift higher. Shoot him from behind to reveal the final target. «Terror at the airport. A scary scene at Los Santos International; According to reports, there are several casualties and damages in the millions. Terrified travelers fled for their lives as a high-speed trail chase involving police and unknown assailants left a trail of destruction in their path. This traveler was friendly: «I don`t care who died! My flight is delayed now! Franklin and Lamar show Trevor a typical neighborhood in the south of Los Santos. «Los Santos International Airport is closed after suspected terrorists fled police in a high-speed chase that ended with many casualties. So far, neither the government nor the police have issued a statement, so we can`t say for sure that this was a foreign-directed attack on American democracy, but it seems likely. We will provide you with all the official details as soon as we receive them, and until then we will continue to report only speculation. Grand Theft Auto V has three possible endings to choose from, each with markedly different results for GTA 5`s final mission. Note: Although Lester`s assassination missions are optional (not required for story progression), they are still counted in the main «Missions» checklist and are still required for 100% completion of the game. Michael and Jimmy come out to form a father-son bond. With the high percentage on RWC over 300%, SELL your assets instantly to get several million dollars in profit! CHA CHING!!! Michael and Lester choose a jeweler in Little Portola. The multi-target assassination was released shortly after the conclusion of The Hotel Assassination for Lester.

Near the Little Seoul car wash, answer the phone to begin the mission. Franklin and Lamar take over two convertibles for an Armenian car dealership, Simeon. In a phone call with Solomon after the mission, Michael learns that there were backups of the film because it was shot digitally, making the car chase, Devin`s plans, and Molly`s death to no avail. However, he is soon encouraged by Solomon, who announces that Meltdown will have a full-fledged premiere at Vinewood. Lester asks Franklin to assassinate a man named Isaac Penny, who is about to take a controlling stake in the Vapid Motor Company. If you only complete one mission, you will receive a bronze medal by default. You win a silver medal by achieving at least one goal, but you must achieve 100% of the goals to get a gold medal. Franklin, Trevor and Michael chase the O`Neil gang into the woods. After approaching the place where the mission begins, you will receive a call from Beverly informing you of a police chase after celebrity Poppy Mitchell. Participate in this pursuit and at the same time make sure that you are driving a fast enough car, thanks to which you will not be left behind by persecution. During the chase, follow Poppy`s car as well as the squad car and make sure you don`t accidentally hit the police car. In situations where you need to avoid traffic or make a sharp turn, use Franklin`s special skill.

Franklin travels to Rockford Hills to book a car for Simeon. For faster results, grab the target as it enters your target reticle. Again, no headshots are necessary! So why does the game`s checklist show «only» 69 missions instead of 74? Well, Rockstar has decided not to include the «Fire Truck» and «BZ Gas Grenades» flights in their list, nor to count the 3 optional «family missions» that Micheal can perform. This is probably so that they can intentionally refer to the number «69», in the typical way of rock stars. Michael needs money to pay Madrazo and destroys a Rockford Hills jewelry store with Franklin and a team. It has been confirmed that Ending C (Deathwish) is the canon end of GTA V, and it is recommended to choose it if you do not want to lose access to any of the main characters. Michael, Franklin and Trevor defeat all their enemies: ambush FIB agents and Merryweather mercenaries at the Murrieta Heights foundry, then target Wei Cheng, Stretch, Steve Haines and Devin Weston. Winning at least 70 gold medals between Missions and Strangers & Freaks is required for «Solid Gold, Baby!». Success / Trophy.

The fourth target is located above the Vinewood Hills area. Thankfully, the destination doesn`t start driving his Vespa until you get close, so head to its location to find it. After the cutscene, hop aboard the next fast vehicle and zoom into Los Santos Airport to meet Molly. When they arrive at the airport, Molly drives on the tarmac and causes a lot of chaos that Mike must avoid. Franklin, Trevor, and Lamar take Devin`s cars to a landing point near Paleto Bay. When Michael arrives at Los Santos International Airport, Molly has received a police escort team paid for by Weston. Michael chases Molly down the airport runways, causing tons of chaos in the process. Eventually, the police order Molly to stop, but they are ignored until Molly stops at Devin Weston`s hangar, where a jet is waiting for them to board the film. Molly, knowing that Michael is chasing her, runs panicked into the hangar, where she is sucked into the jet engine and drops the film. Michael recovers the film and must lose the desired level, as the police are now chasing him for entering a restricted area. Michael manages to escape the police and ends the mission. After setting fire to the FIB headquarters, Michael and Franklin enter as firefighters to perform a data theft.

Franklin and Trevor are convinced to help the FIB. After completing one of the endings, you will find the option to play the other two endings by accessing the pause menu, going to «Game» > «Replay Mission» and scrolling throughout. After completing the mission, return to your safe house and set the time by 8 hours by taking a nap (you don`t need to save). Go to your portfolio page and wait for the DEB percentage to increase by at least 80%. If you get less than 75% or more, that`s still enough, so immediately sell all your assets to make a good profit for all the characters. Trevor has something to discuss with the Lost Motorcycle Club. This section/page shows all the cutscenes and dialogue from the Legal Issue mission in Grand Theft Auto V. WARNING: If you select this ending, you will permanently lose access to Trevor from this point on.

Martin Madrazo needs a favor from Michael and Trevor. The GTA 5 missions below are listed in chronological order – although some missions become available from different characters at the same time, they can be played in a slightly different order. The first destination has passed Vespucci Beach and is flexing its muscles. Avoid approaching the destination and enjoy the nearby rooftops in the parking lot for a good view. When Molly reaches the side door of the hangar, she gets out of the car and runs into the hangar. During this sequence, there are different dialogues. You can also see the number of missions currently available for each protagonist as you switch between them via the character wheel. Solomon tries to protect the role in the movies, but Molly forcibly snatches the film from him. Michael follows Molly, who takes the film roll (Meltdown) by plane to an unknown and discreet location offshore.