It is illegal for a landlord, tenant, agent or other representative of a property owner to rent, lease, advertise or offer for rent a residential unit for vacation rental in a district where vacation rentals are prohibited, unless otherwise exempted under this section. Cannot be completed or renewed if they have expired or ended in an area where the use of tourist accommodation is prohibited or in an area where the use of the holiday home is permitted, unless a special holiday rental permit, building permit, inspection and certificate of occupancy for the use of the holiday apartment (or for the conversion of an existing residential unit into a holiday rental) have been obtained beforehand; and The tenant`s agreement with the rules of conduct must be posted in a conspicuous place in each holiday accommodation. Name, address and telephone number of the apartment manager, including the license number of the vacation rental manager; The annual fee for the special permit for vacation rentals and the license for the management of vacation rentals is determined by decision of the Council of County Commissioners. Complaints to the apartment manager regarding violations of this section by residents of vacation rentals must be dealt with within one hour. The neighbour who filed the complaint will be contacted by telephone or in person and informed of the results of the actions taken by the manager. A record of the complaint and manager`s response must be retained for at least three months after the incident, which may be accessed by District Code Enforcement during business hours. Apply for a special vacation rental permit. A complete application for a special vacation rental permit must include the following: «You have the right to appeal a decision approving or rejecting this special vacation rental permit within 30 days to the Planning Commission pursuant to section 102-185. You may have other rights that the county cannot enforce.

When considering an application for a special vacation rental permit by the county, consideration will be given to the existence of valid private deed restrictions, restrictive agreements, or other restrictions that may prohibit the use of the housing unit for vacation rental purposes. You may wish to consult a lawyer regarding these private rights. «Application for licence, grant, renewal, fines and revocation.   All rental properties must obtain a local tax receipt from the tax collector, regardless of the duration of the tenancy. Responsible for maintaining the guest logbook, rental agreements and formal responses to complaints for a vacation rental unit, as required by this section. The applicant must sign a written declaration authorizing the district authority to inspect the premises of the vacation rental unit prior to the issuance of the special vacation rental permit and at any other time after the special vacation rental permit has been granted with respect to compliance with county planning regulations; The contact person designated to respond to complaints from neighbours against tenants of holiday apartments; and A decision to approve or refuse a special vacation rental permit may be appealed to the Planning Commission within 30 days in accordance with sections 102 to 185. A person whose licence has been revoked is not entitled to reapply for a new licence as a holiday home manager until two years after the date of revocation of his or her licence. The name, address and phone number of the apartment manager, the phone number of the district code enforcement department, and the special vacation rental permit number must be visible from the front property line of the vacation rental unit. Prima-facie evidence of the use of an accommodation unit by a vacation rental includes: License for the vacation rental manager. A vacation rental manager license is required by the District Planning Department in order for a person to be a vacation rental manager in accordance with the provisions of this section.

The manager of the vacation rental is: The applicant or agent must provide the planning department with proof of submission of the request to use the vacation rental. The Special Vacation Rental Permit will not be issued until proof of such notice has been provided and the Special Vacation Rental Permit has been approved by the Director of Planning following an on-site inspection of the relevant housing unit by the Law Enforcement Department. After approval by the Director of Urban Planning, the special vacation rental permit will not be issued until 30 days after the notices of application are sent to all owners within 300 feet of the residential unit that is the subject of the permit. the gross square footage of the accommodation unit, the location and number of rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, apartments, parking spaces and any other information necessary to determine compliance with vacation rental requirements and compliance with this chapter; Duration and extension of the special permit of use for holiday rentals. Special permits for the use of holiday homes expire one year after the date of issue, unless they are renewed within 30 days of their expiry date. The renewal of a special holiday use permit requires the owner or agent to submit an application to the Planning Department in the form prescribed by the Director of Planning and to pay a non-refundable fee, including proof of a valid licence and registration under F.S. c. 509 and F.S. c.

c. 212. Advertise or offer accommodation for the use of the vacation rental; No boat moored at a vacation property may be chartered to anyone other than registered guests of the vacation rental unit or used for cruises, sleeping or overnight accommodation. In addition, recreational vehicles cannot be used to sleep or spend the night in the holiday accommodation. Special vacation rental permits shall be issued by the Director or Planning Officer upon payment of a non-refundable fee and the submission of a complete application in the form prescribed by the Director of Planning in accordance with paragraph (f) of this Division. Sections 8 to 36 do not preclude the application of the Code for violations of new vacation rentals that occur after the date of coming into force of the regulation from which this section is derived. Exceptions. A vacation rental permit is not required for the following: The tenant`s agreement to the foregoing rules and regulations shall form part of each rental agreement in accordance with F.S. § 509.01 for each vacation rental unit subject to the provisions of this section.

These vacation rental regulations, which govern the conduct and use of the vacation rental unit, shall be posted prominently in each accommodation unit, subject to the provisions of this section, along with a warning that violations of any of the vacation rental regulations constitute a violation of this Code punishable by fines or punishable as a second-degree offense, and are also grounds for immediate termination of the Rental Agreement and eviction of the leased premises. criminal sanctions according to F.S. § 509.151 («Fraud of an innkeeper»), F.S. § 509.141 («Expulsion of unwanted guests»), F.S. § 509.142 («Conduct on premises») or F.S. § 509.143 («Improper conduct on premises, arrest»). Registration or license for short-term rental or use of temporary rental by the State in accordance with F.S. chs. 212 (Florida Tax and Revenue Act) and 509 (public housing); Fines or revocation of a special use permit for vacation rentals. A special permit for vacation rentals will be revoked by the Planning Commission and/or fines will be imposed by the special judge for the purposes of the Code or a court of competent jurisdiction after the permit holder finds a violation of this section, the special permit or permit conditions, or a material misrepresentation in the permit application. After the owner has been notified and a hearing has been held by the Planning Board, the special judge for the purposes of the Code or a court of competent jurisdiction. The owner or agent requires that a rental agreement be entered into each time the holiday home uses the property and keeps a guest and vehicle register showing the names, home addresses, telephone numbers, vehicle licence plates and boat licence plates of all occupants of the holiday home.

Each rental agreement and this register are kept by the vacation home administrator and are available for inspection by district by-law employees during business hours. The use of the vacation rental must meet all standards of the Florida State Department of Health and the Florida State Department of Environmental Protection for wastewater treatment and disposal. Vacation rentals must be registered and licensed and meet all applicable government requirements required in F.S. c. 212 (Florida Tax and Revenue Act) and F.S. c. 509 (Public Lodging Establishments) as implemented by the Florida Administrative Code as amended. Vehicles, boats and trailers may not be placed on the road or in construction sites.