What do I need to do to make it legal? Stop the car without turning off the engine to look? Turn off the engine? In fact, getting out of the car? I would certainly say that I was not in traffic in either case, although my actions may not show that. I suggest that people who work on the east side of the 101 buy houses there. You can walk or bike to work. No negative impact on traffic and FB promised a full community with a bank, grocery store, dry cleaners, etc. Your intention doesn`t matter. Their actions do. The police (or prosecutor`s office or judge) are free to consider your stated intent (or their assessment of it), but you are still violating if you use the road for through traffic. Brown signs are almost always used to indicate the presence of national parks, national forests, and tourist facilities somewhere in the area. They do not contain any regulatory messages or warnings, but are simply intended to confirm that you are in the area of a destination you were looking for. You could hide your intention by driving down an alley (leaving, then hitting the road again), but I doubt most rushed drivers who flout traffic rules in their haste harass themselves that way.

Again, it`s about what you`re actually doing, not what you could do. «There`s no reason to come this way in the morning except to cross to avoid traffic on Governor`s Drive,» Morrow said. «They decided to live above the mountain and should use the right roads to get to their destination. The question of whether or not a prohibited traffic warning is enforceable has often been raised in the past, and the answer is – sometimes. When a city decides to impose such signs, there is often a fine attached to a ticket that the driver receives for violating the policy. It is most often enforced when placed due to a city order directing motorists not to pass the sign to reach a destination. In my area, I have only seen such signs on «private» roads and yes, it is enforced. On public residential streets, it is very common for speed thresholds to be installed to prevent through traffic. Low weight limits are also common. More recently, signs indicating your speed (radar signs) are installed as a reminder.

M. Gilmer told council that traffic chaos was a major safety risk. There are a lot of kids living in the neighborhood, and people don`t drive carefully when they`re angry because they`re stuck trying to get home,» he said. Something very similar happened in my parents` neighborhood: a very short street connected two otherwise unconnected parts of the neighborhood. (Ok, not quite, but the next connection required a detour for most people.) Finally, a «No through traffic» sign was erected. Here is a concrete proposal: 1 – Eliminate parking on Willow Road 2 – Remove bulb exclusions on Willow Road 3 – Prohibit turning Willow Road during rush hour 4 – Install a reversible center lane on Willow Road – Head west in AM and head east in PM It only took a while, to confirm it was his car, and (the property was crowded with cars awaiting repairs) drove directly to the other exit. A police car behind me observed him and stopped me. He believed my story (I recited the owner, make, model, and license plate of the car I checked). Nevertheless, it is illegal to avoid a traffic light, and he has issued a ticket. (The judge reluctantly dismissed it with a warning, but I would understand if I hadn`t.) The size, shape and color of road signs are the result of many years of research, practical experience and road sign testing. The road signs used today in this country are therefore clearly recognizable, visible, understandable and are also considered necessary for safe driving.

The intention is really irrelevant? Let`s say I want to buy a house, and there`s one for sale on this street. Is a car view of the house and neighborhood really illegal? If I`m looking for my lost dog or child, can I drive on the road? Residents along Willow Road west of 101 won`t like this idea, but it worked pretty well in San Carlos on Holly Street. During the hours of travel, they make it illegal to park along Holly Street between 101 and El Camino Real. Menlo Park could do it for Willow Rd between 101 and Middlefield Rd. It would take a little time to figure out how it works between Bay and Gilbert, but it should be very doable. «Why spend money on signs that are not enforceable at taxpayers` expense?» For the city council, symbolism is much more important than substance. Council may elect a new mayor on December 5 so Councillor Keith can easily work around this Willows traffic issue. It`s the mayor`s job to put items on the agenda and fix them, and Keith is our mayor.

Asking residents to wait until the end of the evening to hear a subject that has been so painful for so long is unscrupulous. Is there only one council meeting left before Ms. Keith leaves as mayor? I think the residents of Willows should be grateful to have made it this far and that some solutions are being considered. Two terms for council members is all the city should allow. These elected board members are tired, jaded and learning to play the game. That we already have another board member who is in his 11th year is wrong. Had Mr. Cline resigned in 2014, the field of candidates would have produced a new voice that was and is desperately needed.