If you violate this Agreement or the terms of any other Amazon Marketing Agreement, we reserve the right, in addition to all other rights and remedies available to us, to permanently suspend payment to the extent permitted by law (and you acknowledge that you are not entitled to receive commission revenue that, if you would otherwise have incurred under this Agreement, whether or not directly related to such breach, without notice and without prejudice to Amazon`s rights to seek damages in excess of such amount. In addition to your legal obligations under the GDPR, Amazon requires its affiliates to comply with the Amazon Program Rules and state in your policies that you use affiliate links on your website. This information must be included in the legal notice. All legal texts must respond to specific characteristics and be understandable by each user. You need to make an effort when writing your policies, the closer and more personal they are, the better. A ready-made website with content does not guarantee direct inclusion in the Amazon affiliate program. Genesis Framework is not a theme itself, but a constructor of it, a workspace where you can develop templates for web pages, or in other words, a parent topic where child topics can be created. However, if you are looking for a «cost-effective» solution that allows you to fully customize legal texts, you can use a legal template kit for GDPR. And you, have you correctly adapted your affiliate site to the GDPR? What method did you follow? Have you copied and pasted texts from other websites? Acceptance of the Affiliate Program operating agreement, which is required to create an account, implies that you have the legal capacity to accept the Agreement. We think it`s an ideal way to comply with GDPR and Amazon affiliate program terms. We recommend using Marina Brocca`s GDPR kits.

You can see them here. It offers a special legal package for niches and affiliates that has competitive costs and will save us a lot of headaches so that we can adapt a website to legality in one morning. To everything you expose yourself to if you intend to keep your website outside the law and obligations to your users. I also have the same doubts because I understood everything correctly, but Amazon does not accept the account as an affiliate. The only thing I don`t have is the page that is indexed on Google (I`m waiting to finish them with URLs to index them) and the products are not with URLs because I think they give me affiliates and then enter the right URL, don`t put it without your ID and then go one by one, to change it. Could that be why they don`t accept me? Thanks in advance And anyone who has a website to make money should consider complying with the law. REHub is a versatile theme, which means you can use it to design any website, from online stores to great deals websites. Plus, it`s a hybrid model because it`s designed to help you make money with various monetization programs, including Amazon and coupons. All GDPR templates contain instructions for use and marked fields that you need to fill in. In addition, the guidelines are modular: depending on the functionality of your website, you can choose the modules you need. Welcome to the Amazon Affiliate Site (the «Partner Site») where you can manage your company`s relationship with that Amazon entity, as set forth in Schedule 1 («Amazon», «we», «us», «our» or other similar terms). Legal texts must be accessible, simple, visible and understandable to each user.

As a partner of Marina Brocca, we generate revenue from related purchases that meet the applicable requirements under the conditions established by Marina Brocca for affiliates. Well, it gives you a great opportunity: to make your legality visible. No user swallows an endless and incomprehensible paraphrase of legal texts, but all users can immediately tell whether a website is legal or counterfeit. This means that to be an Amazon affiliate, you must be of legal age and not legally incapacitated. An affiliate site adapted to the GDPR is not an option, but an obligation. Not only for the possible sanctions you may face, but also for direct complaints from the affiliates to whom you recommend their products, and in addition, for the safety and confidence in the user`s face. The Legal Kit for Niches and Affiliates contains the following documents: More and more websites are based on affiliates, both Amazon products and other providers. In this guest article, Marina Brocca explains how to adapt a GDPR-affiliated website. The legal notice must include the full contact information of the website owner: any person or entity participating or intending to participate in our affiliate marketing program (the «Affiliate Program», such natural or legal entity, «you» or an «affiliate partner») must accept and comply with this Affiliate Program Operating Agreement (this «Agreement») without making any changes or modifications. By registering or using the Partner Site, you agree to this Agreement, including the Program Policies (defined in Section 12 below) expressly contained therein and by reference thereto (e.g., and, without limitation, the affiliate program terms and conditions, the affiliate program IP license, the affiliate program commission revenue list, and the affiliate program brand guidelines). Please read the program policies carefully.

What is your experience? Did you have a hard time getting Amazon accepted into its affiliate program? The essential legal texts on each website that demonstrate legal and effective compliance are: Amazon also requires that you have all the legal elements that guarantee responsible selling, i.e. you must have a legal notice or privacy policy and cookie policy in order for Amazon to include you in its affiliate program. If you are an Amazon subsidiary in Spain, you must meet a number of legal requirements ✅. ⭐ We explain the easiest way to fill them out. For example, Amazon cautions that the Associate Site may not request, collect, receive, cache, or otherwise use account information used by customers in connection with an Amazon Site (including the username or password of Amazon Site customers). Yes. In addition to complying with the law, you must also comply with the terms of Amazon`s affiliate program. The Amazon Subscription Terms are for anyone who creates a page or website whose primary purpose is to act as an Amazon affiliate.

In the only cases where you are not obliged to obtain consent, it is because you have another legal basis that legitimizes the processing, such as the provision of services, compliance with a legal obligation, a legitimate interest, etc., but if you are a user who enters your site as a subscriber, wish to log in via the contact form or comment on a message, You must add a consent box that is not pre-enabled. Specifically, point 5 of the affiliate requirements states: You should avoid copying and pasting other policies that may have nothing to do with your web operations, remember that every website is unique and requires custom legal texts. In addition, mandatory legal texts in the footer of the web must always be visible and accessible, so that: Although since the entry into force of the GDPR on 25. May 2018 no more talked about the importance of complying with the law, we had to stick to it for years. Since 1999, with the LOPD (Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data), as well as the LSSICE of 2002 (Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce), we had a legal framework that we had to respect. In fact, the LSSICE is still in force today and coexists with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This requires you to report all these matters with maximum transparency before requesting personal data on your website, whether affiliated companies or not. To do this, you need to have essential legal texts on every website, e-commerce and app that collects personal data. Amazon requires you to report your participation in the Affiliate Program on the Site, including, but not limited to, this information: «As an Amazon affiliate, I earn revenue from qualifying purchases in accordance with Amazon`s Affiliate Terms.

The services and/or products are only accessible to legal entities and persons who have reached the age of 16. AMAZON AFFILIATES is Amazon`s affiliate program through which you, as an intermediary, can sell products from its extensive catalog online and earn a commission of up to 10% (depending on the product) for each sale you make. However, this is not the only information that needs to be included, but ultimately, it is an entire page with information about participating in the affiliate program to comply with the law.