The Centre improves access to justice in three ways: first, by providing legal advice and representation to women who have no other means of obtaining legal aid; second, by providing law students with the opportunity to learn how to provide community legal services and advocate for access to court and family law services in their legal careers; Third, by identifying cases that have the potential to advance women`s legal rights at a systemic level. We provide unbundled legal services (particularly in family law) to clients who otherwise do not have access to legal assistance. Online resources for legal professionals and community support staff. We also provide legal aid to lawyers, transitional domestic workers, settlement workers and community workers across the province. The centre focuses on providing much-needed legal representation in family law to women caught between the inability to obtain legal aid and the inability to pay for a lawyer. This representation is provided by students from the Allard School of Law under the supervision of a practicing lawyer, providing students with an experiential learning opportunity in a non-profit social justice environment, with a focus on the situation of women and their experiences in the justice system. Students work with clients on all aspects of their family and child protection matters, ranging from client interviews and registrations, to limited prepayment services, to assistance in preparing clients for court proceedings, to full representation in some cases. Rise is the first legal clinic of its kind in British Columbia, providing women with much-needed legal assistance in family law and related fields. Law students and high school lawyers work together at Rise to provide legal advice to women, help them file documents in court, represent them in provincial courts in certain cases, and generally help them enforce their family rights.

Provides free or low-cost legal services to self-identified women. Services are provided by high school law students under the supervision of personnel lawyers. Rise offers a range of services, from summary information and advice to unbundled legal services and representation in court. Make an appointment online, by phone or by email. The Rise Women`s Legal Centre provides free and affordable legal advice to women in British Columbia. Services include: The clinic provides a safe space for abused women. Legal services are provided by senior students from the Peter A. Allard School of Law, UBC, who are mentored and assisted by two full-time lawyers. The center also has a small self-help center that you can use during normal business hours. Our clients include people who are economically disadvantaged, members of marginalized groups and people seeking protection from domestic violence.

A donation to support the centre will be far-reaching and will touch the lives of the many women and their children who benefit from its services. It will also ensure that our students continue to have access to experiential learning opportunities related to family law and social justice issues. Rise`s service delivery model is the result of extensive consultations with service providers across the country and is designed to complement and collaborate with existing community services. Call an appointment first (there is a waiting list and there are transition periods between academic semesters): Rise Women`s Legal Centre`s services are not emergency-oriented and are only available by appointment to women with limited financial resources and using family law services.