There you go. It`s official. A pattern of legal dirt on the street is the only one in my foreseeable future. I can feel it in my soul, my bones – in everything. It`s an evil style of Late Model who began life by throwing at obscenely sharp left angles around short oval rails of earth. A true visionary in our lifetime then saw a new life in the car, a life of turning left and right and even following stop signs, and made it legal for the road. Over lunch, my husband and I switched from the usual theme of racing cars and grenades to selling online to the idea of turning a late model into a street car – even a high-end fight car for the apocalypse. That`s when I found this video of a late-legal dirt pattern on the street, which is now the only future I imagine. Don`t skip the slow, walk-in introduction to the car, accompanied by 80s rock music.

They will only deprive themselves of the bodywork that the car deserves before this «The Outlaw» hits the road. In fact, you don`t check with me anymore. Until then, I won`t be able to hear you talk about `80s rock music, noisy engines, and the sheer American nonsense that is my life. It`s a good way to live, I would say. And by «foreseeable future» I mean in my dreams, my daydreams, my blogs, my conversations, and basically anything I have control over. Unfortunately, my husband and I have a pact that we won`t be making financially stupid car purchases in the next few years, so visit me again. Cyber Monday Still LiveRated at 1250 amps, making it capable of starting up to 6.5-liter gasoline engines and 4.0-liter diesel engines, and it charges with USB-C, meaning it charges much faster than most other options. This moment is a real victory for all of us and deserves every second of cell phone footage and hype AC/DC music leading up to it.