Legal aid is provided in the organs of the administrative courts (T.A.R. and Council of State) and in ordinary courts at all levels of justice. Extrajudicial and judicial assistance concerns, inter alia, the field of health law, the regulation of local public services (energy, waste, transport), cultural heritage, spatial planning and development and construction, as well as the legal profiles of the organisation and functioning of public administrations (transparency, administrative procedures, fight against corruption, public labour relations). To conclude my remarks on the Burioni case, I publish from Twitter, where it was distributed by the lawyers themselves, the document of the law firm Lamberti & Partners, addressed to the Order of Physicians, Surgeons and Dentists of Pesaro-Urbino and, for information, to the Public Prosecutor`s Office of Pesaro. I also thank them publicly for giving a voice to those who do not have one. Burioni defends himself in the deputies when and when there is a need (and I really hope there is a need!), but above all responds to public opinion and his readers of what he has written, which seems to be of a worrying gravity and insufficiency. With that, we move on. The activity also covered the legal aspects related to the creation and operation of companies and joint public-private partnerships (PPPs), as well as the participation and management of public, European and national calls for funding.