How would Legal Line (TXT) react to their N/A ejaculation? Txt legal line mtl be good at speaking? And with whom does mtl wake you up orally? I decided to write for the legal line of TXT (Yeonjun, Soobin and Beomgyu). I write dirt and stuffed animals. Can we get a legal reaction when you lean into something (you decide) and they can`t help but feel excited? 💕 Amazing blog by the way!!! 😩 A/N – (sorry for having to post again) Hi bub, thank you very much!!! Ily2, I guess since you told Legal Line that you wanted it to be suggestive, then I did it! I hope it went well <3 He likes to put an arm around you while you line up at a coffee shop for your baked goods. He loves it when he sits on a park bench and waits for you and you greet him with a kiss on the tip of his nose. He really loves everything. He was exchanged for solitary confinement. deep and painful loneliness. A painful hole in his heart that was once filled to the brim with nothing but you, but now replaced by bitterness. It hurt so much.

Okay, I`m really going to start writing, it won`t be easy, I know, but hey, whatever we let go, he`d probably like to hit it from behind, almost as much as when you mount it. Both positions give him the best view of your body. He`s in total control when you`re on all fours, which drives him absolutely crazy, but I think he`d also like to let you take the lead a little bit when you`re standing. He just wants you to feel really good, and I think he would find those positions to serve that purpose. «Sounds like you like being ruined by me?» whispered Soobin between kisses. He sank into you at a rapid pace, your legs on his shoulders and his long cock inside you. Her hair was grown back, sweat running down her face. It would soon reach its peak.

You opened your eyes and kissed him back, «Soobs..», you moaned trying to find the words. Which wasn`t easy, because your mind was empty a moment ago. «Are you sweetening me?» you asked in a soft voice. This made him stop only to look at you with a surprised face. Soobin tried to figure out what you were asking him, but his throbbing cock brought him back to reality. He wanted to ruin you. To make you beg, let his child have you. He knew you were taking the pill and it was too early for you both to become parents. But just the thought excited him. «Come on… Your voice was a little muddled, and you could feel Yeonjun`s proud smile.

«Let`s try a new position. You lie down and I`ll try. and sit on it. He is overwhelmed by this moment, just like you. However, he does not withdraw. Warnings: No more playful jokes!! Morning sex, approval trinkets, but Beomgyu is impatient and also very direct. Soon it collapsed in a pile. Like a child who had grown tired, he fell into Soobin`s arms and cried. Weeks of repressed tears that he tried to swallow to the best of his ability, hoping you could come. The rest of the night, we spent kissing and cuddling, and the apologies were dismissed like him choking you with kisses.

Warnings: Slight mentions of overstimulation, use of safety words, this film is mainly about the follow-up that Yeonjun would definitely use the black lace lingerie he picked up that night. This boy would be absolutely relentless if he fucked you at home, he is sure it will be unforgettable for you so that you never think about flirting with someone in front of him again. But you and Yeonjun both knew it wouldn`t be the last time, because the jealous sex with each other was just too good. «I`m not mad at you, Jun, I usually like it hard, I don`t know what happened today,» you say honestly and he smiles at you, which makes you feel a little better. that one day maybe you would love him again. That maybe you just went through something and you haven`t really fallen in love. That maybe it was some kind of cruel prank and show up at his door with snacks and your Nintendo Switch like you did before, hug him and tell him you love him. «M-More,» you moaned as Yeonjun hammered you. Face down, upwards, you whispered his name into the pillows.

With every hard blow, you begged him for more. All you could feel was the pleasure of your sweet spot being hit again and again and the slaps of her balls against your red and teased clit. All you could hear were the wet and cheeky sounds of your love echoing through the room, Yeonjun`s short, light breaths, and your broken voice. Your shyness was long gone, as was your pride. The moment you felt Yeonjun grow inside you, he grabbed your hips and pressed deeper inside you. «Me. will soon~,» he growled in your ear before biting him teasingly. «Sperm in me. Please,» you asked, sounding more like a whisper. I kept my hands tight and couldn`t wait to cast a curse on the way Yeonjun spoke to me.

«Are you okay?» he asks, the panic was clear in his voice, but he didn`t want to scare you more than he had already felt. The air was hot and sweaty, but now his palms were sweaty for other reasons. What baby in need~ You must be wet right now just thinking about it, right? Your hole must tighten while you beg me~ What if I want to do you on my fingers again and again? Would you need that too?~ You let your head fall back into the pillow, «Yes please!. Whore! Thank you for fucking me! You`re welcome. Raise me! Fill me with your seed master!~», you breathed, just as you knew Beomgyu liked it. «Do you breed? You mean that? He growled, sinking into you with a deep, hard push. You both moaned loudly about this new feeling. He didn`t even wait a second and just began to hit you deeply: «If you, if I say you can, I will lift you up~But.

if you too soon. I`m going to on your pretty face! Deal kitten?~», Beomgyu smiled and you could feel him laughing. They were for a trick. Yeonjun really wouldn`t be ashamed of the highest key. Maybe he sits down and you lean in front of him while tying your shoes (if you`re already together) oh, he has no problem looking at yours. Damn, it`s his. Why shouldn`t he watch? He doesn`t even blink, things start to move in his pants and he grabs you by the waist and pulls you back slightly so that you sit on his lap. «I`ll need your help with something, doll.» He was traded for an annoyed eye roll and distance. Silent car rides full of unpleasant tension, looking out the window and watching the world go by. He was exchanged for embarrassing moments, like Huening trying to hold your hand and you ripped it off, or he stood outside your waiting class, only to discover that you had left without him. In Hueningkai, frustration began to build up and suddenly he whipped his phone against a nearby wall.

Then came a blind rage, threw his stuffed animals and tore the blankets off his bed before letting out a cry of anger. «That`s it. Fuck, you look so hot. Yeonjun`s hands slid from your waist to his back and you bent down to press a sustained kiss on his lips. For the first time, it was really like sex. It was neither unpleasant nor painful; But there was this slight burning pleasure that ignited in the pit of your stomach and only burned harder with each kiss and touch of Yeonjun. It`s such a juice, he loves you so much. His favorite place around the world rests on your lap while you both watch the aesthetic anime that the internet has praised. Yeonjun – also very good at speaking and also most likely to wake up with oral (and cautiously, he often thinks it`s hot enough if you unconsciously drag in his face) «C`my, can`t we try again? Maybe we need a new position. Yeonjun was determined, and you couldn`t blame him. You felt bad because you squeezed him basically blue every time he wanted to have sex, but it wasn`t like you could stop yourself from being tight.

Most guys keep talking about tight, no one talks about being too tight. I mean, I don`t think he`s like an overprotective super mega friend who doesn`t let you go anywhere or does nothing, but he gives me vibes that he doesn`t want to share. JSHSBDK This is his first relationship and although he has an idea of what a good relationship should be (although some of them are based on many TV shows, that he sees), He is always clueless when it comes to many things. He never wants to impose on you, he never wants you to feel unimportant or uncomfortable. Its main priority is what makes you happy. «Hey,» you say softly at the door, which puts him back in his thoughts. When he realized that he was almost running the bathwater on the edge while he was lost in his own world, he tried to turn off the tap and stepped aside. Why do you think Yeonjun is possessive? I stan txt not but it seems chill omg smth abbot it`s so cute for me, I can`t explain it.