(94) Coutts has already questioned the legality of the design in a column for a daily newspaper. (44) These secret agents are caught between legality and illegality. (97) This court has supreme power in all matters of legality of a sentence, jurisdiction or jurisdiction. But they immediately took a step whose legality was not so clear. (161) The common sense rule is a judicial principle for examining the legality of restrictive conduct in US antitrust law. Regardless of the legality of sharing data with law enforcement, this is a breach of trust on the part of our communities. Finally, I still don`t know what to make of Google`s contextual content that questions the legality or legitimacy of companies in their search for navigation marks. (267) As regards persons imprisoned for debt or in civil proceedings, the common law application made it possible to examine the lawfulness of detention: however, the practice in these cases is not affected by the 1679 Act and has no current interest, since detention in civil proceedings has almost been abolished. (137) The Norman kings adopted the Byzantine tradition of mosaic decoration to reinforce the somewhat dubious legality of their reign. (107) Casey, who narrowly maintained the legality of abortion on the basis of the idea of individual autonomy. (278) Drew (1827-1900), the Democratic nominee for governor, then obtained a mandamus from the district court, which prevented the council from going behind the face of the election results; This was not followed, and so a similar mandamus was obtained by the Florida Supreme Court, which ruled that the council had no right to determine the legality of a particular vote. (215) The two deposed popes protested against the legitimacy of the Council of Pisa; Each had many supporters, and the thesis was rather built to meet the demands of the case.

(274) Although he recognized the legality of the Stamp Act of 1765, he considered the measure inappropriate and apolitical and called for its repeal, but his position was misunderstood; In August 1765, a mob looted his Boston residence, destroying many manuscripts and valuable documents. (187) The decriminalisation of the law can also be divided into four parts: legality, administrative illegality, civil illegality and neutralisation of State attitudes. (259) Subsequently, a High Court of dubious legality was established (1686) to dismiss or suspend clergy who opposed the court, while James appointed Roman Catholics to head some colleges at Oxford. They got the loot with a demonstration of legality, as Hoff signed the partnership agreement and handed over the checks. 263 When Eric came to his senses at the beginning of 1568, a reconciliation took place between the king and the duke, on condition that John recognized the legality of his brother`s marriage to Karin Mansdatter and their children as heir to the throne. When Karen was arrested for trespassing, she analyzed the legality of her actions to determine if what she was doing was against the law. 🔊 (209) Doubts remained as to the legality of the use of the former Routemaster under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, as the Routemaster had effectively banned wheelchair users. (92) 1Western companies are paralysed because the legality of the regime cannot be called into question. (114) Legal information can promote the censorship of legality among the public and educate them to learn, understand, monitor and apply the law. (185) Hastings has always maintained that he did not prosecute and the legality of the Nuncomar trial is fully proved by Sir James Stephen. (126) Todd stated that McCray agreed to repay his premium to avoid a lengthy debate on the legality and appropriateness of the payment. (119) However, Indian civil society opposed it, citing four main objections: legality, privacy, data security and efficiency.

In order to close a property in another state, the law required me to have the documents notarized by a lawyer. 🔊 (230) The fact that the patient`s consent is crucial means that the practice of informing relatives of a patient`s diagnosis without first obtaining consent is questionable. (191) The Supreme Court ruled on the legality of a provision in the tax legislation providing for the freezing of categories of tax on cigarettes and thus the classification of new brands in the higher tax bracket. (45) It is for the courts to assess the legality of the Regulation. (197) This aspect of architects` activity is even linked to legality: unlike a contractor, an architect cannot assert a lien on a building if a builder does not pay. (202) However, in this week`s issue of Science, three groups of researchers are concerned about the results and question the reliability, legality, and financial implications of the study. (280) On the one hand, however, he alienated himself even from reasonable opponents by giving no guarantee that the equality thus acquired would not be transformed into superiority by the aid of his own military might and the help of the French king; On the other hand, he relied, even more than his father, on technical legality, which increased privileges in defiance of the spirit of the law. (61) They may be heard, but only on the basis of the legality and not the policy of their actions.

(82) At the time, all judges were in favour of the legality of this procedure. (201) On the same day, Count Louis Batthyany, who had not taken part in the war and had done everything to keep his countrymen within the limits of legality, was shot at Pest. (69) I do not recall Edward Bates being too sure of the legitimacy of my proclamation. (30) The Government does not recognize the legality of this court. (239) During the new historical period, Deng Xiaoping introduced the principle of the development of socialist democracy and complete socialist legality, which provided a bright light for the construction of socialist democracy. (144) The law also removed doubts as to the legality of the compulsory acquisition of land for sale to a private developer. However, this lawsuit is less about concussions and more about the legality of informed consent. (74) Responsible for verifying the goods agreement and verifying the sincerity and legality of the agreement.

(234) Whatever one may think of Obamacare or any of the alternatives offered, there hasn`t been much controversy about the authority of Congress since the Supreme Court upheld the legality of the Affordable Care Act. (31) They intended to challenge the legality of his claim before the courts. (116) But at no time does anyone carry out a real legal analysis of the actual legality of orders. (271) The measure turned out to be the deportation of the principal Jacobins; and a veil of legality was placed over this extraordinary procedure by a special decree of the Senate (declared guardian of the Constitution) that this act of government was a measure intended to preserve the Constitution (January 5, 1801). (188) He questioned the legality of Horne`s consecration and a special Act of Parliament was passed to address this point, while the charges against Bonner were withdrawn. (129) Validity. The legality and enforceability of this contract remain unaffected, unless otherwise agreed. 273 On the 7th, the Hungarian Sejm formally refused to recognize the title of new king, because no one could sit on the Hungarian throne without the knowledge and consent of the Reichstag, and called the nation to arms. According to the constitution, Ferdinand was still King of Hungary from the Magyar point of view, which gave the uprising an excuse of legality. (77) International law had serious doubts as to the legality of the capture of Noriega. (143) This term can best be applied to those who still refuse to recognize the legitimacy of the acts by which the Reich was established.

(153) During the Meredith crisis, liberals and conservatives argued in Congress over the legality of federal intervention at Oxford.