An appointment is required for vaccinations for international travel; Call 385-468-4111 for travel vaccines. In recent years, other employers have also recognized employee funding (and well-being) resulting from implementing workplace vaccination policies to protect their workforce – and the public – from vaccine-preventable diseases. All states, the District of Columbia and territories have vaccination requirements for children attending daycares and schools. These immunization requirements are important tools for maintaining high immunization coverage and low rates of vaccine-preventable diseases (VPDs). Some children may be exempt from compulsory vaccination. The Department of Health also manages vaccinations through the federal Vaccines for Children (VFC) program. HRV vaccines cost $10.00 to $14.50 respectively, depending on family income. To be eligible, children must be 18 years of age or younger and: Children participating in early childhood programs must be vaccinated according to their age. This means that a child has received all the doses of each vaccine that are appropriate for their age.

Children should be vaccinated according to current immunization schedules with: For more information on vaccination requirements for school staff, see Salt Lake County Health Regulation #38 Schools To protect the health of our children, especially in the event of an outbreak, the Salt Lake County Health Ordinance requires that all school employees (in public and private schools) be fully vaccinated according to the vaccination schedule. recommended by the CDC. This order is a tool for local school districts to adopt and implement employment policies that protect the children and families they serve. We arrange walk-in visits to one of our vaccination clinics in Salt Lake County (see specific clinic during hours) for routine childhood and adult vaccinations, including flu and COVID vaccines. You can shorten your waiting time and guarantee to be seen by making an appointment. To apply for your own vaccination certificate, you must be at least 18 years old. If you are applying for registration of a minor under the age of 18, you must be the child`s parent or guardian at the time of application. You can request a vaccination certificate in one of the four ways below. Note that options 2, 3 and 4 require your vaccine provider to participate in the Utah Statewide Immunization Information System (USIIS). If the provider of one or more of your vaccines does not participate in the NICU, that provider`s vaccines may not be included in your dataset. In this case, only the supplier of the vaccine(s) can issue you with a specific vaccination certificate. Providers are not required to participate in the NICU, and the public health system cannot provide immunization records that providers have not entered into the NICU.

If you require assistance developing a workplace immunization policy, please contact: Salt Lake County Health Department Family Health Division, Immunization Coordinator 2001 South State Street, Suite S3-700 PO Box 144575 Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4575 385-468-4152/ (includes children in daycare, daycare, preschool, daycare, a child care facility, home care service or licensed superintendent In some situations, students who are not adequately vaccinated may be excluded from school. Proof of immunity to the disease can only be accepted in lieu of vaccination if the school receives a document from a health care provider stating that the student has previously been infected with the disease. The cost of each vaccination is different and depends on how much the Ministry of Health pays to the vaccine manufacturer. Vaccination requirements and exemptions vary by region. Please contact your state, local, and territorial health departments for more information. Vaccination records are protected, confidential, so you must prove your identity with photo ID before you can receive the file. For students entering kindergarten, the following vaccinations are required: Seasonal flu vaccination is not mandatory, but it is recommended annually for all children over 6 months of age. Health authorities, corporate wellness groups, universities and others have implemented policies requiring employees to keep all or certain vaccines up to date as a condition of employment.

The following PDFs show recommended vaccinations based on age and, in some cases, medical conditions.