Derek Nelson «Derek has remarkable clarity of thought and expression.» «He has a great idea of how expert questions fit into the whole case.» «In his oral testimony and cross-examination, he is clear, precise and safe.» Five experts are recognized as thought leaders of the global elite, recognized by WWL as one of the best practitioners in the world: Richard Sieracki «Richard`s experience in the industry is second to none.» «He is always punctual in his work on complex subjects.» «Mr. Sieracki is a very responsive expert.» HKA is the world`s leading provider of multidisciplinary expert and specialist services in the areas of risk mitigation and dispute resolution in the investment project and infrastructure sectors. Laura Hardin is an expert who «goes out of her way to provide top-notch customer service,» with one source claiming she is «one of the best, if not the best, quantum expert I`ve worked with.» Dean Graves «has long been regarded as one of the leading experts in accounting and valuation in the energy sector» and «has earned a reputation for his ability to adapt traditional valuation approaches to make them sector-specific.» Marc Sherman «has a wide range of skills and experience» and «is well regarded by many in the field,» according to sources. Colleagues and clients say, «He`s a very astute construction expert» «Peter is very experienced and brings cool demeanor» Timothy Harwin «Timothy is the best late-looking expert we`ve ever worked with.» «He`s always our first choice. «He is meticulous, independent and an excellent forensic programmer. «Timothy is able to convey expert opinions in a concise and clearly understandable manner. KPMG`s Jean-Luc Guitera is «an enthusiastic and competent arbitration expert» who is «efficient, fast and thorough» and consistently produces work «of the highest quality.» Frank Giunta «The depth of Frank`s analysis is incredibly impressive.» «He is a highly efficient and strategic construction expert.» «Frank is excellent in all areas.» Director Mr. Alexis Maniatis has over 30 years of experience as a consultant, providing expert advice and testimony on the application of corporate finance, accounting and corporate finance in business damage assessment, project valuation and regulation. Roula Harfouche has «a very strong practice in the market» where she is confirmed as «excellent expert and very easy to work with». One peer adds, «She`s a well-known expert in evaluation.» David Saunders delivers «well-researched, conscientious, accurate and compelling expert reports and testimony.» It is also «very balanced and articulate in direct examination and cross-examination.» Franco Mastrandrea is considered «simply Britain`s best quantum expert». He is described as «very intelligent and from his experience as a referee, he knows what the courts want».

Mark Dixon is celebrated for being «very intelligent and very clear in his reports». One source noted: «He is by far the best surveyor I`ve ever worked with – honestly ahead of others. Michel Nardin of PMG Ingénieurs-Economistes-Conseils is a popular name in Switzerland when it comes to expert witnesses, bringing over 40 years of experience in construction and manufacturing litigation to his clients` business. At J.S. John Lancaster is highly regarded by sources as an «absolutely excellent expert,» with one peer adding, «He is a first-class expert in complex construction arbitration.» Franco Mastrandrea (Global Elite) «Franco is certainly one of the best quantum experts for any large, complicated project.» «He is masterful in his testimony.» «It provides balanced policy advice that integrates practical, legal and technical considerations.» The annual report, which identifies the best lawyers and experts in international arbitration for 2023, will show 150 more people than last year. Giovanni Di Folco of Techno Engineering & Associates Group receives strong support for his expertise in arbitration and is described as an «outstanding delay expert» with «a great knowledge of the construction process and methods». BRG today announced that Who`s Who Legal has ranked the firm fifth in the world in its Arbitration Expert Witness 2023 guide, which features experts widely recognized for their concise statements. Independence and high-level analysis. Nineteen BRG experts were evaluated, including five world-leading thought leaders and three future leaders. Liam Holder is «an outstanding quantum expert» known for his «very detailed and thorough» work product as well as his «diligent and responsive» approach.

Travis Taylor «stands out for his responsiveness, creative thinking and immediate understanding of the issues» as well as his «deep understanding of the big deal.» One commentator added: «He is a real asset to his team.» Mike Saulsbury «is professionalism personified,» the sources note, adding: «He has a pragmatic approach and communicates expertly with counterparties.» In addition to more than 500 experts, HKA today has more than 500 consultants and consultants in 40+ offices in 18 countries with the essential skills and experience to get to the heart of the most complex problems. Our employees have extensive first-hand experience in all of the world`s largest industries and most complex megaprojects, as well as international experience in delivering positive results. Ankura`s Guy Elkington is a prominent name among experts in the area, with sources claiming he is «always a positive addition to the legal team». Jacqui Record receives a lot of acknowledgment from sources confirming that she is «a fantastic practitioner and an exceptional expert in her field». Mustafa Hadi of the Berkeley Research Group is «super smart, hardworking, hardworking, and won`t rest until he thinks about everything.» A source added that «in addition to his excellent technical expertise, he is thorough and clear.» Sirshar Qureshi of PricewaterhouseCoopers is appreciated by sources for his «excellent work» and as an expert who «always has the upper hand in witness conferences». Dr. José Antonio García is an expert in economic and financial analysis and regularly advises as an expert witness in litigation. He has particular experience in estimating losses in a wide range of industries, including energy, banking insurance and telecommunications. Franco Mastrandrea: «Franco is a top guy – I highly recommend him», «He is simply the best quantum expert in the UK», «He is very intelligent and from his experience as an arbitrator he knows what the courts want».

Philip Haberman is «a very measured and experienced quantum expert» who is «very bright» and «highly appreciated».