So I succumbed to the corona cut, as you can see, I hope it doesn`t look so bad, basically. It will be me. Divide this tutorial into three different sections. The first has it yellow duck installed on Windows and Mac. Next, the second part explains how we will configure the OBS settings for the application to work. And the third bit is for all my DJ subscribers. I`ll only talk about using Yellow Duck and streaming on Instastories, and whether it`s really worth it in 2020. So the URL is in the description, download the app for the platform you are on. I e Windows or Mac. Let`s go through Windows first, just get the installer which is about eight to create a BICE, download it. So let`s move on to the parameters and. The first thing we need to do is spend. So, that`s actually true.

The maximum you can do on the yellow duck and Instagram is 2,500, to set that so that this audio can probably be played a bit, evaluate a bit. They have to go too high because we`re just broadcasting and it won`t make much difference. For more information, see our help article: 👉 I understand this violates Instagram`s Terms of Service and you may have your account suspended. But at the end of the day, it`s still very likely that you`ll be shot. So, is the yellow dock ideal for DJs? My weight, I still scream it. Jesus. Oops, yellow ducks. Big. And I think for people who aren`t DJs, it would be amazing to be able to stream from your computer to your phone because you`ll be able to make everything amazing and use a lot of tools that are available to you on the computer. Make it beautiful and big. And I`m going to copy and paste that. Take the double flip, let`s get it right.

Click Transform to rotate 180 degrees. Put it there. So yes, it`s set up in OBS. So now we have to go back to All right. We need to copy this URL here. You can click here. He copied this to the clipboard. I think it`s worth a try, expect a video about it in the future. So it`s a yellow dock in a nutshell, it`s pretty simple.

Download it, change your OSP settings on Instagram and the corresponding resolution and bitrate. And then there`s the third. Is that really the case? And the third is, is it worth it or not? Anyway, the next thing I want to do is go to the video. And as you can see, it`s 16 times nine, which is the landscape. We want to change that. So there were 10 80 until 1920. What is presented now. This is actually much higher than the maximum resolution allowed on the yellow duck and Instagram. But again, it`s just reduced. Same fatigue collection, new yellow duck coat. That`s probably what you`re up against.

If you`re starting from scratch, otherwise, it`s pretty easy to go here and duplicate an existing profile and see a collection. And then change that to be the same parameters that I`m going to show you here. We got the green light and it works. You may need to do this twice. When I first did that, it didn`t work. And I had to go back to the yellow dock. Restart it, get a new one and it was boring, but it`s not the end of the world. So let`s check if it spreads well on Instagram. Hello. I was trying to figure out how to stream from OBS studio on PC to Instagram and found a program called Yellowduck. It looks easy to use, but I`m afraid it`s a scam. Does anyone have any positive or negative experiences with this? Thank you very much!! In the YellowDuck app, click the «Start Transfer» button.

You can see I`m live. Let`s click on it. See what it looks like. Boom. Please. That is what we are seeing. It`s streaming and yes, there`s that connection. All right. We can really hear me. It`s a bit embarrassing. You can see how much delay there is there. So it`s about 20 seconds or something, I guess.

To end your live stream, you need to log out of the Yellow Duck app. The flow will stop immediately. Do not worry! Since you usually sign up through a native Instagram app, it`s no wonder you get the warning email. This is a common process when you first sign up for Yellow Duck. Note: Yellow Duck is not affiliated with Restream, Instagram, or is not supported by Restream. Use is at your own risk. Wherever I have mined E. So we`re obviously playing whole sets of music and that`s going to make it more likely that the algorithm will be triggered. This means that short clips are recommended. If you`re a fast DJ, maybe you can get away with playing music, that`s just, it`s always a big risk to be honest, he also says that there should be a visual component to the video and that recorded audio shouldn`t be the main purpose of the video.

So if one of them gets removed, that`s okay, you still stream all these other platforms and you can build your audience on each of them. Pretty good, I`ll check that out and make a video about it, maybe just to see how it works and if it`s worth it, I think it`s $19 a month or a little less if you pay annually, it might be worth a try. Go live with Restream Studio or via your encoder with the custom RTMP channel enabled within 2 minutes (from the moment you clicked «Start Brodcast» on YellowDuck) and that`s it! You broadcast live on Instagram. Pro tip: You don`t need to delete the channel every time and create a new one – all you have to do is update it! Once done, you can start the transfer as usual. Take a look at step 5 here to refresh your memory 👀 I found a few reviews, not many that say it legitimate and safe. However, it`s not much, so I posted this question here, hoping someone has experience with it. Launch the YellowDuck app on your device and log in with your Instagram credentials. And then it was said that it would take about 15 minutes to download all of this, but it actually took quite a while. Obviously, I sped up the images here. But yes, once it`s done, go back to that screen, we`re ready to move to OBS. So, let`s do it. Let`s move on to OBS.

As you can see, OBS has already been set up and I have prepared all these scenes for the Drop Beats radio show that my friends and I do every Sunday. Yo Dubin hair of the future. So, I just come to say that since filming, Twitch has dropped the copyright hammer on the DJs they visited. People, a copyright strike on the left, and the center for videos that were uploaded years ago, I think they`ve been contacted by record companies or whatever. It`s completely free. Download the app now and start streaming! Note: You can`t watch your own feed on Instagram. If you want to check if you`re online, go to your profile from another Instagram account. A little pressure was put on them. And that`s why they started hitting DJs harder. I just wanted to come and say this just to let you know that the environment for DJs could change.

So you can still stream on YouTube. The biggest advantage of streaming live on Instagram with Yellow Duck is the ability to stream to Instagram Live from a PC. When you go live from the streaming software, you have a lot more customization options than streaming from mobile devices on Instagram. What if I`ve already posted on Instagram and set up the channel? All right. But in the middle, for the whole control, it`s going to hold a square to resize it a little bit, and we want to make it blue. So I right-click here and go into the filters. Then I add a filter here and go to the custom shader. All right. So it`s actually not, usually there, it`s a plugin that I reinstalled, I insert a map at the top left that you can look at my top five OBS plugins.